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Bathrooms & Shower Rooms

Is your bathroom looking a bit dated? Could it do with a new, clean, warm feel to it? Have you seen the amazing designs and ideas that can be put into your bathroom these days?

We can create a bathroom that is stylish and functional. We can make a small bathroom feel more spacious with a new design and better lighting. Perhaps you have a large bathroom but the space is not being utilised efficiently.


We have carried out many bathroom refurbishments, creating clean, fresh bathrooms and shower rooms with highly individual bathing areas and incorporating many different wall and floor finishes, and a wide range of sanitary ware.


Did you know you can save money on utilities and add energy efficiency to your home by updating old fixtures and fittings? We will always adopt the most energy efficient approach when renovating a bathroom or shower room.


As well as improving your own comfort a bathroom remodel can provide a good return on investment if you pay attention to the details, and that’s where we come in.


For a completely free no-obligation estimate why not get in touch with us on 01223 502289.

If you'd like some ideas and advice on updating your bathroom or shower room why not get in touch