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New Builds

Have you always wanted to build your own home to your own specification? You can choose the rooms and room sizes that work best for you and family. You can have vaulted ceilings, spacious entrance hall, large kitchen diner, open plan living or a low carbon / energy efficient house. 

Anything is possible when you start with a blank canvas.


It’s economical too. New build is VAT free, so you will save 20% on your investment, boosting your financial return.


A new property build is a major undertaking so it’s important to choose the right building company. We have a wealth of experience in new builds and can help you from initial design and planning permission through to construction and completion.


Our project manager will hold the reins and ensure things run smoothly and efficiently.


We have an experienced team of builders, electrician, plumbers, painters and carpenters to ensure high quality workmanship. We can also suggest local kitchen and bathroom designers and landscaping experts.


If it is your dream to have a high quality home built to your requirements, as a value for money investment, then give us a call on 01223 502289.

If you dream of a beautiful home built to your requirements why not get in touch